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we specialise in refined coffee machinery that is built to last

For almost a century, our team of engineers has worked together with the world’s top baristas and coffee lovers to design beautifully functional machinery that delivers coffee excellence.

We hand-assemble, test and finish each of our machines in Florence, Italy to the highest standard so that they operate with precision to give you a consistently smooth coffee experience each time you use them.

Our machines are built from high-grade commercial components.

Our Home coffee machines are crafted from the same high-quality componentry as our commercial machines, guaranteeing you a machine that lasts more than a lifetime.

Servicing from our highly trained team of engineers guarantees that your coffee machine will continue to perform to the highest standard of consistency, flavour and texture.

Customise your machine with a range of classic colours and tactile materials.

Available in a range of high-finish colours and styles, our machines can be customised to perfectly fit with your interior space.

Choose from polished chrome, classic colours including red, blue, yellow, white and red, and solid walnut or maple accessories to create a machine that complements your style.

Our commitment to quality impacts everything we do.

To ensure that each of our machines meets our standards, we test on both sides of the world; first, when your machine is built in Florence, and again, when it arrives in Australia.

We rigorously test each one to ensure that it pours with precision and meets critical standards of operation that ensure that the extraction of your first coffee is as smooth as it can be.

Our design principles have been guided by coffee professionals.

Since our inception, La Marzocco has collaborated with coffee professionals to understand the intricacies of creating the perfect cup of coffee.

Over 90 years of coffee expertise has informed the engineering, ergonomics and build quality of our home coffee machines, so that you have the opportunity to own a commercial grade machine for your home.

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Meet our handmade commercial-quality coffee machinery