united by passion

your love of coffee fuels our passion

Our home machines were born out of our desire to enable the absolute best standard of coffee to be served in homes and workplaces around the world.

The resulting collection gives you the opportunity to share new coffee moments with friends and family, serve high-quality coffee at work, and master your personal barista skills while deepening your understanding of what makes the perfect cup. Owning one of our machines invites you into our world of coffee lovers, united by passion and driven to explore all that life—and coffee—has to offer.

our machines encourage experimentation so that you can discover new ways to enjoy coffee.

Our home machines and grinders are fully adjustable and designed for experimentation to encourage you to discover new ways of enjoying your favourite drinks.

Vary the pressure and temperature of the pour depending on the roast and grind so that you can experience the intentions of the farmer, processor and roaster of your coffee.


enjoy the confidence of a century of expertise, sitting on your benchtop.

Almost a century of engineering, practice and expertise from seasoned coffee professionals has led to the creation of our GS3 and Linea Mini coffee machines.

This guarantees you a machine that is made from commercial grade components, that is backed by expert guidance on set-up and maintenance, and that will perform to professional standards.

our unique system guarantees café quality espresso and steam pressure for barista-quality results.

Each machine contains a powerful dedicated steam boiler in addition to a boiler for extracting coffee, meaning that you can steam milk and pour coffee simultaneously without compromising the results.

For home baristas, this lets you perfect your coffee craft knowing that your milk will hold texture and your espresso shot won’t lose pressure mid-pour, giving you the best foundations for perfecting your coffee art.

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