When it comes to living the Australian dream, Melbourne native Shane Duncan is as close to it as they come. 

Having grown up between Hawthorn and Richmond, the business professional and fitness enthusiast spent nine years living in the USA with his wife Junie and their two children before returning to Australian soil in late 2018, in search of home comforts. 

Dividing his time between the city and the surf, we spent a morning with Shane at his Anglesea holiday home, dubbed the Honey Pot.

Coffee has been a passion of Shane’s since he started drinking it while studying at Deakin University. Thirty-five years on and he still loves the ritual of making a cup and enjoying it with his loved ones.


“Every morning I’m typically tasked with making coffee for my wife and for my daughter. When the whole family is together I’m the barista of the house, which I love.”


Today, the smell of fresh coffee has become synonymous with taking the opportunity to relax with his two children, both of whom lead busy lives. 

While Shane’s light-filled Anglesea property lets him pursue his passion for surfing, it’s also conveniently located within 90 minutes’ drive of the city, making it the ideal place for weekend escapes.


“Our beach house in Anglesea has that combination of fresh air, saltwater and amazing views: We call it the honey pot.”


It’s a strategic move by us as a family to have a place that everybody wants to come to. Everybody wants to be together and they’re happy to peel off from their busy weeks and social lives to come down here and spend some time with us.”

Balancing family and work schedules with time in the ocean, Shane takes his downtime when he can. Weekends mean carving out opportunities for family time so that everyone reconnect and recuperate before beginning another working week. Often, the most precious moments are when everyone is in the same place for a home-cooked brunch.


“Kicking back with the family gives us the opportunity to sit around and tell some stories, read the papers, decide on what we’re going to do for the day or plan the menu for dinner. It’s about that quality time that we don’t get much of a chance to share. It’s that reconnecting piece that I enjoy.”