Founded by brothers, Trevor and Steve Simmons in 2010, Industry Beans was created with the vision of bringing everything coffee-related under one roof, providing a holistic and sensory experience for those just as passionate about great food and of course, fine coffee.



As the team prepare to welcome customers to their brand new flagship location in Fitzroy, Melbourne, featuring an ambitious roastery, restaurant, training space, brew bar and bar, we reflect on the brand’s incredible journey from their humble beginnings.


When first opening the doors at their previous Fitzroy flagship in 2012, Industry Beans were quick to cause a buzz on the scene.


In addition to a serving curated seasonal cafe menu at their roasting site, the team passionately embraced the third wave of coffee, offering a superb offering of specialty coffee and unique beverage recipes.


While the team have steered clear of omni roasting – a roasting method that allows coffee to be used for filter-brew methods and espresso – they have always taken pride in their diverse selection of coffee, with their light to medium roasted single origins varying in flavour profile and country of origin, while also crafting delicious espresso blends suited to everyone’s taste without compromising quality.



Appealing to customers of all tastes and preferences, it wasn’t long before Industry Beans expanded across the east coast of Australia, opening a roastery in Newstead, Brisbane, and additional flagship cafes in Melbourne CBD, Sydney and Brisbane.


Stretched across the east coast of Australia, Industry Beans’ broad, diverse and considered coffee offering has not only appealed to both sides of the milk or black coffee divide, but has also been welcomed by the various coffee cultures found within Australia.



While popular as ever in in Melbourne’s established coffee scene, Melbourne patrons continue to appreciate the consistent quality of coffee and produce, while enjoying the refined aesthetic of their venues in comparison to the youthful and emerging specialty coffee culture in Brisbane.


Having opened their second Brisbane location on Adelaide St earlier this year, customers continue to grow curious on the process of specialty coffee, while transfixed watching their coffee being made on the custom Modbar.



Continuing to expand on their locations and develop their offerings, the team have also been warmly welcomed into the homes of longstanding and new customers with their selection of coffee available to purchase and brew at home, bringing their favourite coffee within arms reach.


To learn more about Industry Beans, visit their website here or follow them via their social handle @industrybeans.