Located in Manly Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters is well regarded by Australian baristas, homebrewers and coffee afficionados as a hub for exceptional coffee. We caught up with Joshua Small, Brand Manager at Seven Miles to discuss the brand’s journey and their approach to coffee.

Launched all the way back in 1968 as Belaroma Coffee Roasters, the brand entered the scene at an exciting time where high-quality and locally roasted coffee was welcomed with warmth and seen as a refreshing change to an industry dominated by multi-national and Italian imports. As their reputation grew over the coming decades, so did the brand’s identity with the transition from Belaroma Coffee to Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, a name that references the location they call home, and the Manly Ferry slogan of days gone by “Seven Miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care”

Despite the brands evolution over 53 years, Joshua proudly shares that one element remains unchanged, the company’s passionate pursuit of exceptional coffee.


‘Exceptional coffee goes beyond sourcing the best beans. Everyone at Seven Miles is so passionate about what they specifically do and it makes all the difference. It’s a special place to work.’


With several micro-roasteries located across Australia, Seven Miles is redefining the next chapter of specialty coffee’sevolution, where art meets science and extraordinary quality is achieved as a result. Offering a broad range of blends that are available to try at its Manly Vale Espresso Window – we highly recommend checking out their popular Cultivar and Wilde blends – or one of their monthly rotation of Single Origin offerings, there is plenty to explore at Seven Miles Coffee Roasters.


‘We believe that great coffee starts at the source.’


While proud of Seven Miles’ broad selection of blends to suit any style of drinker, Joshua explains that an exceptionally great product starts from a solid foundation. When sourcing coffee for blends, Seven Miles ensures they source coffee with distinctive character from farmers who are equally as passionate about producing outstanding crops.


‘The thing I love most about coffee is the connection it provides. From the range of unique, independently-owned cafes to the many boutique coffee roasters, to the incredible coffee producers all over the globe, everyone is connected.’


Whether it’s from farm to cup or supporting their partnering cafes, a strong sense of community and passion does not go unnoticed at Seven Miles. When talking about projects that are in the pipeline for 2021, Joshua shared his excitement about seeing the first months of the Seven Miles Perfect Pour program unfold across its café network.

A cloud-based technology, through Flow Technologies, The “Seven Miles Perfect Pour Program” measures data on every cup poured at partnering cafes in an effort to monitor and ensure delicious coffee is consistently served throughout the day.

Measured via a discreet internet-connected device, the system compares every shot to its recipe and highlights inconsistencies such as a low shot to shot consistency due to crooked tamping, or low shot time accuracy due to stock rotation issues.



Leading a new frontier for the coffee industry, the team at Seven Miles Coffee Roasters and their Coffee Science and Education Centre are excited to see this project unfold and support their community through specialised support and training.

Whether it be engaging with professional baristas or first-time home brewers, Seven Miles looks forward to growing its community in the forthcoming year with a passionate approach to innovation and technology.

To learn more about Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, visit their website.