Founded by Rocky Veneziano and Craig Dickson, Veneziano Coffee Roasters lends two decades of specialty coffee knowledge to support cafes in discovering better ways to work and serve customers.

Earlier this month, we were fortunate enough to meet with Jack Allisey, Green Coffee Buyer at Veneziano Coffee Roasters to discuss how the company continues to make positive changes and improve the everyday lives of their customers.



Whether it be preparing to compete in cupping competitions or consuming coffee on the daily, Jack is no stranger to the specialty coffee scene. As Green Coffee Buyer at Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Jack’s role ranges from sourcing beans for their core espresso blends and seasonal microlots to working closely with the Quality Control team to help dial in production roasts.


“Our espresso blends are definitely one of our specialties, a lot of work goes into sourcing and dialling in the roast profiles to ensure consistency”


Located in Richmond, the Veneziano Headquarters is a mecca for coffee lovers. As you walk through the front door, visitors can view the main roasting operations and interactive microroastery. Home to a state of-the-art training studio, cupping room and an 80 seat dine-in café, you can count on the headquarters to always be a hive of activity.


For those outside of Melbourne, their retail cafes and training facilities also have a strong following in their Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide spaces.


“We’ve grown from a small batch to a talented and growing team, committed to making a positive and meaningful impact to coffee businesses across Australia. It’s the talent, determination and sheer passion of our team that makes Veneziano so special.”


When choosing a coffee, Veneziano delivers a comprehensive offering, from the beloved core range of espresso blends to a rotating, seasonal microlot program offering tasty and unique profiles. Passionate about the extensive range, Jack highlights that espresso blends are definitely a specialty of Veneziano as the team places a lot of care in sourcing the best beans and dialling in the correct roast profiles to ensure consistency and overall appreciation from every cup poured.



Outside of work, Jack likes to keep his coffee simple, whether he is making a pour over for himself with a V60 and Commandante or sharing a batch brew with his partner. However, when at work, Jack doesn’t shy away for his love for using La Marzocco machines at work alongside the baristas.


“We find La Marzocco to offer the right balance of style, function and performance. Our baristas can rely on La Marzocco to help with consistently delivering delicious espresso drinks cup after cup.”


During the unexpected lockdown of 2020, Jack and the team at Veneziano enjoyed creating and maintaining close relationships with customers as drinking coffee from home became the new norm. Whether it be answering enquiries about blends available or assisting new customers with dialling in their home set up, Jack believes these relationships are what makes the coffee industry unique.


“Coffee brings together a global community. Having a common passion with so many people from all parts of the world has forged many friendships for me.”


As a new year rolls over, Jack and the team at Veneziano are currently preparing for another year of quality service and rolling out premium specialty blends and microlots. One of these is the second iteration of the Pinnacle Series, an exclusive range of limited release microlots originally intended to be presented at last year’s competitions. Presented in a curated pack, Jack and the team look forward to roasting the selection and sharing these with fellow coffee lovers globally in the coming months.

To find out more about Veneziano Coffee Roasters and their available blends, visit their website.