Located on the Gold Coast, the coffee maestros at Blackboard Coffee Roasters have a motto that we can stand by: Good coffee, good people.


Sharing Australia’s love for at-home coffee and passionate about crafting the perfect cup, General Manager, Kyle Graham caught up with us to give insight into the roasters and the  projects they are currently undertaking. 


After discovering a love for coffee in Melbourne, Blackboard Coffee Roasters’ founder, Nick Pearce opened the Burleigh Heads coffee roastery in 2013. 


Nick developed a taste for delicious coffee made on our La Marzocco commercial coffee machines and set out with the aim of educating people about coffee—where beans come from, how they are roasted, and what to look for when drinking a freshly poured shot. A commitment to quality and taste quickly put Blackboard on the map.


The coffee community plays a big part to Kyle and his team. Cafe locals feel more like family than customers and it’s the friendly everyday interactions that keep the team inspired.


 “Coffee is so much more than the brew in the cup. A chat with a mate over a morning brew in a humming cafe will put a smile on your dial every time.”



Being on the coast, a lot of Kyle’s routine centres around enjoying the beach, either surfing in the early morning or relaxing by the ocean with his family after work. Blackboard’s customers often bond over this good life that the local area affords them. Great coffee, food, wine and weather make for an enviable existence.


“I’m seeing a lot more interest in people wanting to make good coffee at home.”


However, it’s not all about kicking back and making do. The roastery’s team are continually looking for the best tasting coffee from around the globe, supported by sustainable and ethical practices. 


For those looking for something to enjoy at home, new BOLD blend is definitely one , a full bodied espresso offering beloved flavours of chocolate and caramel and crafted to marry with your favourite milk or dairy alternative.


While we begin to wrap up the year, the team at Blackboard Coffee Roasters look forward to launching some exciting projects in the coming months to engage with fellow coffee lovers at home and beyond.

For the month of November, Blackboard Coffee Roasters and their partners are proudly taking part in Movember to raise money and awareness around men’s health. To show support for the cause, 10% of sales made from BOLD Coffee purchases will be donated to the charity. To get the community behind the cause, the team are also releasing a limited release of epic tees with all proceeds going to the charity.


“It’s about getting our community of coffee lovers together again to have a bit of fun growing a mo and encouraging one another to open up and chat. Something that’s generally done over a brew in your favourite cafe or the comfort of your own home.”


The team are also preparing to be showcased for a the month of November at Collaborate Espresso in Kensington, Victoria. An opportunity for Melbournians to get their hands on some of the Gold Coast’s finest brews as they emerge from lockdown, the team are looking forward to sharing a special selection of single origin coffees (in both espresso and filter options), as well as their roaster’s pick and seasonal blend to enjoy at the cafe or even take home.

Order café quality coffee beans for your La Marzocco Home machine direct from Blackboard Coffee Roasters via their website.