Is there a better way to start your day than with a filling breakfast burrito? We didn’t think so either.

A personal favourite from Kyle Graham, General Manager at Blackboard Coffee Roasters, and created by the roaster’s alumni, @recipearce, this flavour-packed recipe is sure to be a crowd favourite at home and best served alongside Blackboard’s BOLD blend, made on your Linea Mini or GS3.



@recipearce‘s Brekky Burrito

Makes enough for 4 – 6 People

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: Approx. 10 minutes



1 x Punnet / 200g Perino Tomatoes

1 x Tin of Black Beans

1/2 x Red Onion

Bunch of Washed Coriander

1/4 x Pineapple

2 x Limes


2 x Mild / Hot Chorizos

1 x Corn

6 x Eggs

3 x Cubes of Goat Cheese


3 x Avocados

Chipotle Hot Sauce / Mayo

Pickled Jalapeños (for the garnish)



2 x Mixing Bowls


Frying Pan

Sharp Knife




1.  For the Salsa. Fine dice 1 Punnet / 200g fo Perino Tomatoes, 1/2 Red Onion and 1/4 Pineapple (the diced ingredients should all be roughly the same size).

2. Pop the diced ingredients into a mixing bowl together with 1 Tin of Washed Black Beans and a handful of finely chopped Coriander.

3. Next, add the zest and lemon of 1 lime and a generous pinch of salt before giving the salsa a good mix.

4. For the egg mixture. Start by dicing 2 mil / hot chorizo into approx. 1cm cubes. Then remove the kernels form the cob of 1 corn (Sent both Chorizo and Corn to the side).

5. Next add 6 eggs and 3 cubes of goats cheese into a bowl. Then give the egg mixture a good wish.

6. Now heat a teaspoon of butter in a pan on high heat, before adding the Chorizo.

7. After the Chorizo has been cooking for approx. 5 minutes, add the corn and cook for a further approx. 1 minute.

8. Then add the egg mixture to the pan and cook for an additional approx. 4 minutes (refer to IGTV on how to achieve a ‘folded’ consistency rather than a scrambled consistency).

9. To assemble the burritos, start by adding a couple of tablespoons of the egg mixture to a fresh tortilla.

10. Next add a few tablespoons of the salsa and a few slices of avocado, then drizzle with some Chipotle Hot Sauce / Mayo.

11. Wrap the tortilla up tightly, ensuring all the ingredients are nicely tucked in.

12. You can serve the burrito with a fresh tortilla or you can toast it on a high-heat pan / sandwich press for approx. 2 minutes on either side.

13. Serve with lime wedges, pickled Jalapeños and some finely chopped Coriander.