When one arrives at Brewtech HQ, it is hard to believe that this hive of energy was founded a mere four years ago from owner, Craig Milton’s garage. With a team of technicians constantly travelling between homes, cafes and roasters to repair and service La Marzocco machines, the momentum hasn’t seemed to slow down for the team this year.


“Our business is based on trust. We work hard to get your first job, then work to earn your next job purely on the values of trust and honest service.”


Coming from humble beginnings, Craig’s relationship with coffee first started when he stumbled into the scene as a delivery driver and coffee machine cleaner for Veneziano Coffee Roasters. Interested about the machines he was interacting with, Craig quickly put his curiosity and problem solving skills to the test as he began servicing machines for Gloria Jeans while working for 9Bar Espresso Services.

As his knowledge for engineering alongside his passion for specialty coffee grew, it wasn’t long before Craig branched off to start Brewtech, servicing specialty coffee machines from the confines of his small garage.


“I began by buying one small van and was working out of my garage. However, it wasn’t too long before business picked up and I was also working out of two of my neighbour’s garages.”



Since starting four years ago, Brewtech has grown to be a trusted sales and service provider for La Marzocco Australia. While their passion to work exclusively with La Marzocco machines highlights their point of difference against other service providers, the Brewtech team consider themselves as specialists rather than generalists.


“It’s much easier to specialise in one brand than having general knowledge across several brands”


According to Craig, a day in the life of a Brewtech technician is unlike any other. Rather than having set clock-in and clock-out times, the team work around the clock to ensure that all machines are treated with the same sense of urgency and care. It’s these passionate values of personal and trustworthy service that have won Brewtech their loyal following.

When asking Craig why Brewtech exclusively specialise in La Marzocco machines, it came down to the admiration for a company that are leaders in their field both in service and engineering.


“La Marzocco continue to push the boundaries in their field and strive to better themselves, the customer’s experience with coffee.”


An example which still excites Craig today is the revolutionary straight-in portafilter of the KB90. With ergonomics and the physical demand of the end-user taken into consideration, the KB90 has modernised the way in which we make coffee, without compromising on quality.


After a long, unpredictable year where the team cautiously pursued their work on the COVID-19 frontline by visiting homes and cafes to provide their personal service, there is no sign for the team to slow down in 2021.


In addition to scouting a new warehouse location to meet the demand of their current workflow, Craig looks forward to growing his business in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as establishing a team in other states and territories to ensure La Marzocco machines are serviced with the same care across Australia.

Passionate about the fine craftsmanship and longevity of La Marzocco machines, Brewtech look forward to developing their relationships with their customers as they return to their existing machines for years to come.


To find out more about Brewtech and to book a service with their team, visit their website.