Espresso Lemonade

Here’s what you’ll need:
• 1-2 oz lemon juice
• 20-30 g simple syrup
• 200 ml water
• 30 ml cold espresso
• Ice

Rich Simple Syrup
• 100 g demerara sugar
• 110 g hot water
• Mix until dissolved, then chill.

Start by making the lemonade base – combine the lemon juice, simple syrup, and water in your cup. Now, every lemon is going to be a bit different, so we recommend alternating the syrup and water and tasting as you go. You want a lemonade that’s slightly tart and not too sweet, as the espresso you add later will be slightly bitter and sweet on its own.

Once you’ve got a lemonade flavor that you’re happy with, add ice to the cup and top up with a shot of cold espresso, which should be quite viscous as it has been in the fridge. Give the drink a good stir, and you’re ready to kick back and sip happy! This drink is really easy to make in large batches as well, which is great because – let’s be honest – you’re going to need a whole lot more than one glassful of this stuff.

“Cento Di Questi Giorni”