Espresso & Tonic

Espresso – it’s a bit bitter, a bit sweet, a bit tart. Tonic water – it’s also a bit bitter (sometimes quite bitter!), a bit sweet (sometimes quite sweet!), a bit tart. It seems like they shouldn’t exactly pair that well, one bittersweet-tart thing fighting another for your taste buds, but they really, really do work! Espresso tonics are getting pretty popular these days, so you’re sure to encounter them out and about this summer. Here’s our twist with a touch of ruby grapefruit!

You’re going to need:
• Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water
• 40 ml espresso
• Ruby Grapefruit slice
• Grapefruit twist
• Ice

Want to make them at home? Great – they’re exactly as simple as they sound. It can take a little work to find the right coffee and right tonic to suit your palate,

Combine the tonic water and ice in your glass, and then squeeze the slice of ruby grapefruit on top. Slowly pour the espresso over the ice, then stir to combine with the tonic & grapefruit juice. Accentuate, garnish and enjoy, you classy coffee lover!

“Cento Di Questi Giorni”