pico grinder

$1,499.00 inc GST


precision grinding at home

A home espresso grinder built on 90+ years of tradition, the Pico blends simplicity, reliability, and exceptional shot-quality with every grind. Equipped with a noise-reducing brushless induction motor, precise dose selection, programmability, and unique features like the adjustable magnetic portafilter fork and auto-close hopper, Pico was designed with impeccable attention to detail. With its compact and user-friendly design, the Pico fits seamlessly into any morning routine—the perfect companion for the home barista.

High quality brushless induction motor
True to La Marzocco’s commitment to quality, the motor for the Pico was selected to ensure long life and quiet operation. Combined with an innovative sound-dampening design, Pico keeps your morning routine quiet.

Solid Construction
The Pico is constructed from a solid metal frame and uses metal panels for a robust design that will last.

Easy adjustment
Pico was designed for ease of use, featuring simple and precise control of the dose with a 3-button interface, as well as easy and intuitive adjustment of the burrs.
Portafilter Actuation
Pico is easily actuated using the portafilter, simplifying the process of grinding coffee.

Trusted Design
Pico is at home beside your espresso machine, sharing a similar design language as the espresso machine.