pro home barista accessories kit

pro home barista accessories kit

$799.00 inc GST

Our Home Pro Barista Kit includes everything you need to make cafe-quality drinks at home.

Our team has selected the very best professional-grade accessories and cleaning equipment from around the world to allow you to get the most out of your La Marzocco Home coffee machine.

Precision Acaia Lunar scales and a stainless steel dose cup allow you to measure the perfect coffee shot.

Six Italian-made La Marzocco Home espresso cups plus two Reusable Cups ensure that your coffee won’t be compromised, however you enjoy it.

Each kit includes:
Stainless steel knock box — for disposing of coffee grounds
Silicone tamp mat — for tamping your shot
Grinds brush — for cleaning your grinder and bench
Cleaning brush — for cleaning your coffee machine group heads
La Marzocco Home towel
600ml stainless steel milk jug
Acaia Lunar scales— for weighing coffee shots
Dose cup — for measuring the perfect dose
BWT water filter jug — to filter water before filling your machine
2 x La Marzocco Home Reusable Cups

**Please note reusable cup and ceramic cup designs are subject to change**