water test kit

$33.58 inc GST

Each new machine includes a La Marzocco water testing kits, which will allow you to check your water
before filtration to determine what your filtration needs are.
When choosing a bottled water, ensure to check some minerals are present.
Bottled water that is too pure will not be recognized by the machine causing the blue water light to keep flashing
or screen to indicate water is not present, despite the reservoir being full.
Results of your water tests can be entered into the La Marzocco water calculator (see link below).

Please ensure you test your water by drawing samples from a tap dispensing COLD water, which is NOT filtered or softened.
Use a fresh sample for every test. Remember to test water every time you change location/water source for machinery, as
water is highly variable from location to location, and can even change in time due to supply/reservoir changes.

Do not test any water from the groups or steam boiler.

Any questions please feel free to get in touch with our technical team at technical.australia@lamarzocco.com or call our offices.

La Marzocco Home water specs

You can use our water calculator here