la marzocco micra pride – mazzer mini electric B grinder (with complimentary 1kg bag of coffee)

$7,299.00 inc GST


Unleash the Marzocco lion in your kitchen and get a whole pride of equipment with the La Marzocco Linea Micra, Mazzer Mini electric B grinder and La Marzocco Home accessory kit that includes the below:

Brewista Scales
Dose Cup
Espresso Cups x 6
Knock Box
Tamp Matt
600 ml milk jug
La Marzocco home branded cloth
Grinds brush
Group head cleaning brush

A celebration of process and craft, La Marzocco Home is proud to partner with an Australian roaster each month as part of our Roaster in Residence program to elevate your cafe-at-home experience.

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About Campos Coffee

Founded by Will Young in 2002, Campos Coffee began as a small cafe in Newtown Sydney, which quickly grew from roasting for and pouring 50 cups a day to 1500. 20 years later, Campos Coffee is regarded as one of Australia’s most renowned and beloved coffee roasters, used in countless cafes and homes across Australia. 

About Campos Coffee’s Superior Blend

Superior Blend is Campos’ signature and quintessential coffee blend. Proudly served in our cafes since day one, Superior is now used and celebrated in countless cafes and homes across Australia.

Tasting Notes

Butterscotch, red fruit and apricot

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