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This month, get 12 months of café-quality coffee valued at $700, delivered to you fortnightly from one of our Australian partners with your purchase.

The Linea Mini with La Marzocco Home app connection is available for pre-order, please contact us for expected delivery times.

For those in need of coffee immediately, the Linea Mini is currently available for delivery and be fitted connectivity by an authorized La Marzocco technician, free of charge, when components arrive.

Upon purchase, one of our team will reach out to discuss which option best suits your needs.

Our Coffee Partners

Coffee Supreme
Industry Beans

Read about our coffee partners below. If you are unsure of the best coffee for you, select this option and one of our coffee experts will reach out to help you choose.

Based on our iconic Linea Classic coffee machine, the Linea Mini lets you brew coffee and steam milk to create your favourite drinks at home.

Each Linea Mini is hand-built at our headquarters in Italy, then tested at our workshop in Melbourne so that it delivers perfection in every cup.

Everything you need to make your first drink comes in the box. High-powered steam, professional-grade components, and no plumbing or installation means you can enjoy coffee immediately.

Each machine has a 24-month warranty and comes with the full support of our Australian team to assist with queries, advice and tips.

  • Introducing the Allpress Espresso Blend

    Allpress believes in preparing coffee beautifully, but simply using their hot air bean roasting method, to create drinks that have great flavour.

    The Allpress signature espresso blend is sweet, balanced and complex, and gives a long smooth finish thanks to a combination of four different types of beans. Expect apple acidity, caramel, spice and earthy chocolate notes in a coffee that is a sophisticated all-rounder.

    How to enjoy it
    Drink as an espresso.

    Extraction tips
    Dose: 18g
    Yield: 36g
    Shot time: 25 – 30 seconds

    Bean origin
    Brazil, Sumatra, Colombia, Guatemala

  • Introducing the Coffee Supreme South Blend

    Coffee Supreme roast delicious coffee for people who love connecting over simple, delicious drinks.

    The South Blend brings together creamy malteser flavours and a smooth chocolate finish in a mellow, easy-drinking brew that is best shared with friends and family.

    How to enjoy it
    Drink it blended with milk as a latte or flat white, or stretched through an inch of water as a long black.

    Extraction tips
    Dose: 20g
    Yield: 40g
    Shot time: 28 – 32 seconds

    Bean origin
    Brazil, Papua New Guinea

  • Introducing the Industry Beans Fitzroy Street Espresso Blend

    Industry Beans create beautifully balanced coffee from carefully sourced single origin beans, roasted in their award-winning Melbourne premises.

    Fitzroy Street is a bright, juicy and complex blend of beans from Colombia, Burundi and Honduras, which you can find served at their signature cafes in Melbourne and Sydney.

    Coffee lovers can expect a rich espresso shot with notes of blackcurrant and a smooth chocolate aftertaste.

    How to enjoy it
    Drink as an espresso.

    Extraction tips
    Dose: 18g
    Yield: 36g
    Shot time: 24 - 28 seconds

    A good extraction will have a juicy, yet rich espresso with clean citric acidity.

    If your coffee is too acidic or savoury, use a finer grind setting and increase your shot time.

    If it is dry and bitter or lacking acidity then coarsen your grind and decrease your shot time.

    Bean origin
    Montana Verde (Honduras), Ruhora (Burundi), San Rafael (Colombia)

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