la marzocco linea mini

la marzocco linea mini

$7,299.00 inc GST

Based on our iconic Linea Classic coffee machine, the Linea Mini lets you brew coffee and steam milk to create your favourite drinks at home.

Each Linea Mini is hand-crafted at our headquarters in Italy, then tested at our workshop in Melbourne so that it delivers perfection in every cup.

Our coffee machines all come with La Marzocco Home connectivity as standard, so that you can use our app to control your machine and contact our experts.

Everything you need to make your first drink comes in the box. High-powered steam, professional-grade components, and no plumbing or installation means you can enjoy coffee immediately.

Each machine has a 24-month warranty and comes with the full support of our Australian team to assist with queries, advice and tips.


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The design of the Linea Mini is based on the most iconic La Marzocco machine ever built, the Linea Classic. Loved by thousands of professional baristas, the Linea Classic truly helped launch the specialty coffee movement of the early 1990s. With the Linea Mini, we hope to help you create an espresso revolution in your kitchen

power: The Linea Mini comes standard with a 220v 10 amp power requirement and can plug into any regular kitchen outlet

brew paddle: The brew paddle comes with programmed pre-infusion creating more consistency from shot to shot

water reservoir: A built in water reservoir, holds 2.5 litres of water and allows for a good deal of espresso experimentation before needing to refill. No need to drill holes in your kitchen counter

dual boiler: The dual boiler system comes with new group technology that allows the machine to achieve the temperature stability and energy efficiency of our commercial machines but in a much smaller footprint

barista lights: Barista lights turn on when brewing is engaged, lighting up the drip tray and allowing you to see the beautiful colours of your espresso as it’s brewing

temperature adjustment: Temperature is adjustable using a stepped adjustment wheel on the side of the machine to dial in the correct temperature for the coffee you are brewing

dimensions: The Linea Mini is only 357mm wide taking up less horizontal counter space, fitting into your kitchen and looking amazing while doing it

included accessories: One Double Stainless Steel Portafilter, One Single Stainless Steel Portafilter, 5 filter baskets: 7g, 14g, 17g, 21g, Blind Filter, Water test kit, Purocaf cleaner, 350ml Milk Jug, and La Marzocco Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

About Single O

Forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating, tweaking, blending & tasting, it’s safe to say the team at Single O take their coffee seriously.


While claiming not to be saints, the team at Single O are dedicated to providing their customers with incredible coffee by sourcing ethically and environmentally sound beans, products and produce.


Espresso Blend:



A fresh take on a mocha java blending style, which juxtaposes coffees with bright berry & deep chocolate tones.


Ethiopia Guji Natural, Brazil Mogiana, Guatemala Jabiru


Tasting Notes:

Ripe berry, hints of spice and a bittersweet chocolate finish


Recommended recipe

Dose: 21g

Yield: 40g

Time: 28 Seconds

About Blackboard Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2013, the team at Blackboard Coffee Roasters are passionate about sourcing exceptional coffee for their customers.


Passionate that anyone has the ability to make a great cup of coffee, the team are dedicated to educate the home barista on the journey of coffee from bean to cup, ensuring home baristas can get the most out of each cup.


Espresso Blend:

BOLD Espresso Blend

This is a coffee that offers up big, reliable flavours of chocolate and caramel. Crafted to marry with your favourite milk, Blackboard BOLD will be there for you when you’ve just rolled out of bed and leave you feeling like you’ve just pashed on with a caramel koala.

A 50/50 blend of a Brazil Does Irmaos “Natural” & a Colombian Merzcla De Acevedo


Tasting Notes:

Outstanding flavours of Chocolate and Caramel


Recommended recipe

Dose: 20g

Yield: 38g

Time: 30-35 Seconds