For Shane Delia, entertaining family and friends has become a regular occurence at home. Living with his wife, two children and beloved bulldog, Bronson in the Melbourne suburb of Moonee Ponds, Shane has become accustomed to the slow-paced and family-friendly feel of his home surrounds, only 7km away from the CBD.


However, within the quiet and leafy streets of Moonee Ponds, Shane’s lively household can normally be found bustling with family activity, lively lunches and mouth-watering dinners, often shared with family and friends.


‘When you entertain at home, it’s an expression of yourself.’


Genuine hospitality is a trait that Shane holds dear to his heart. Proud director of the Delia Group, each of Shane’s venues is centred around the art of hospitality and memorable experiences. For Shane, entertaining at his home is no different. An expression of self and an expression of heart, entertaining for the Delia’s can range from an exchange over a freshly brewed coffee from their Linea Mini to an extravagant several course dinner.


While fresh and quality produce is a staple in the Delia house, Shane’s key to a successful and engaging dinner party is to invite an eclectic group of friends from various social circles. Bringing these people together over a meal, fantastic stories are almost guaranteed as a consequence.


‘There’s a time and place for pizza and beers with a mate while watching the footy but when you’re hosting someone, there needs to be some form of genuine exchange.’


When asked about the most memorable night entertaining family and friends at home, Shane shared the significance of hosting Christmas at his house every year. With many of his staff located away from home over the Christmas period, Shane welcomes his staff to join his family every Christmas night at his house for a copious amount of food, drinks and genuine, heartfelt hospitality.


Although fresh and quality food are key highlights of his dinners, the preparation of espresso at the end of the night is a highlight for many. Made on his Linea Mini and in view of the dining table, the sensory experience of preparing and serving espresso has become an element Shane’s close friends look forward to when visiting.


‘The theatre of using the Linea Mini has become a great party trick.’


When not juggling a busy work schedule or hosting family and friends at home, Shane appreciates the moment of quality family and personal time at home. Often starting his mornings as early as 6am and finishing late into the evening, Shane takes his daily ritual seriously, acting as a foundation for his daily structure.


Often spending his mornings at the gym and preparing his kids for school, each morning Shane takes a seat in his garden with a freshly brewed espresso to prepare for the day ahead, a ritual which he has become quite fond of.