For Sarah Todd, nostalgia is engrained in her practice of cooking. Juggling the titles of ex-Masterchef contestant, cookbook author, host of Channel 10’s Farm to Fork and restauranteur of Antares, Sarah’s strong connection with fond memories and vivid sensory experiences drives her creativity in the kitchen, while grounding her mentally.


Like food, coffee has been a running thread throughout Sarah’s life. From bonding with her mother over their weekly coffee outing while growing up in her hometown of Mackay, to catching up with friends over a coffee made at home on her Linea Mini, the scent and taste of finely poured coffee is one which Sarah still finds comfort in.


“Connecting with nostalgia is so special to me.”


Holding dear memories close to her, Sarah enjoys keeping the sensory overload of coffee close by. Whether it be through her morning routine at home with her Linea Mini or sourcing locally-roasted coffee beans to make coffee with her commercial La Marzocco machine at her restaurant, Antares in Goa, Sarah shares that there’s no substitute for quality. Likened to cooking with fresh produce with well-crafted utensils and equipment, it’s hard to emulate a café-quality espresso without using specialty coffee beans and a premium, handcrafted coffee machine.


“I feel lucky enough to have access to incredible coffee at home and at work”


A big fan of cafe culture in Australia, Sarah is proud of the scene within her industry. Whether we’re catching up with old friends, having a serious business meeting or taking a moment to unwind alone, Australia’s vibrant coffee culture has become a scene which can house each of these situations comfortably.


“We have become pioneers of café culture. It’s become an experience where other countries have started up to us for inspiration.”


A unique experience, Sarah continues to share that Australian coffee culture is more than a scene, but rather a platform for connoisseurs can thrive. From chefs curating their brunch menu, coffee roasters ethically sourcing beans from countries of origins to baristas carrying that craft through when making hundreds of coffees a day through a single machine, all aspects of the culture are handled with care and consideration.



When connecting with friends over a coffee at a local café, Sarah shares that the quality of the coffee is a draw card. Reflecting on café culture today, she is pleased to see a considered movement not only through ethically sourced coffee, but also through a considered menu. By supporting local farmers and in turn, offering plenty of fresh and delicious options on the menu, Sarah feels comfort in the thought of treating herself to brunch as many times in the week as she wishes, without feeling guilty about what she may have ordered.


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