As design classics go, our Linea Mini home coffee machine is fast becoming a beacon of
good taste and even better coffee in homes around Australia. This year, we’re introducing a
new colour to brighten your space. Meet the Sapphire Special Edition Linea Mini—a bold
take on an iconic silhouette that has finally landed on our shores.
Inspired by the seaside villas and picturesque waters of the Italian coastline, the special
edition Sapphire Linea Mini glows with a uniquely bold finish. Unveiled during September
2020 in Milan, the elegant sapphire colour makes a statement on any kitchen bench or
office space.

Sapphire Linea Mini coffee machine
The rich colour evokes the beautiful turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea, and brass detailing
on the knobs and logo plate are reminiscent of the Amalfi coast’s golden sands.
This new addition to our family also comes with our connected machine technology,
allowing you to operate the Linea Mini coffee machine using the La Marzocco app.
Turn the machine on and off remotely, schedule times, fine-tune your boiler temperature
and infusion and get the latest La Marzocco content straight to your phone, including coffee
tutorials, tips and exclusive recipes from Australia’s most notable chefs.
Like all good things, our run of the Sapphire Special Edition Linea Mini is limited.

You can order yours until the end of 2020 by contacting us via or just by clicking HERE.