As we return to a COVID-normal lifestyle, there’s no sign of slowing down for Sarah Todd. In between being a mother to her 10 year old son, hosting ‘Farm to Fork on Channel 10, owning and managing the successful Antares restaurant in Goa, India and recently releasing her cookbook, My Indian Kitchen, it’s hard to believe that Sarah still finds time to experiment with food and coffee in her kitchen.

It was only six years ago that Sarah fell in love with India’s rich and diverse food and culture scene when visiting the country for the first time. However, it wasn’t long after that Sarah became a cult icon in India after serving aloo gobi in the sixth season of Masterchef Australia. As the show is closely followed and celebrated in India, Sarah saw her social media following jump to 500k overnight and became a household name among the Indian foodie scene.

Despite frequently travelling between India and Australia to manage her restaurant in Goa, Sarah enjoys sharing the cherished flavours and memories she has collected and has uniquely done so with the release of her new cookbook, ‘My Indian Kitchen’, which explores a combination of Indian flavours with French cooking techniques.


“There is a Hindi saying that literally translates to “my guest is my god”. This is a saying I really align with as I believe genuine hospitality is the cause of authentic experiences.”


While her culinary journey is well known to some, her journey with coffee is unknown to many. Starting out as a barista at the age of 17 in her hometown of Mackay, Sarah was curious about the importance of coffee variables and strived to perfect her technique. It wasn’t long before her manager would request that only Sarah make her morning coffee purely due its exceptional quality. From humble beginnings in Mackay to her family home in Melbourne, she still enjoys the routine of preparing a coffee for herself on her Linea Mini.



While the memory of mastering coffee is still fond to Sarah, her first memory of coffee goes back further to her childhood in Mackay where she and her mother would establish a ritual of ordering a latte every Thursday afternoon after doing the weekly shop at her local shopping complex. Cherished as a ritual where she would bond with her mother, the ritual still stands today when Sarah visits her mother in her hometown.

From weekly lattes to several coffees a day, Sarah’s go-to style of coffee changes frequently depending on how demanding her schedule is and how substantial she is needing her morning caffeine hit to be. However, one thing that hasn’t changed with her coffee routine is brewing a signature blend from local Melbourne roaster Industry Beans on her white Linea Mini.


“I’ve become so accustomed to the way that I make my coffees at home that I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Unique to Australia, Sarah is fond of our nation’s strong café culture as it not only keeps us engaged with food and coffee produce, but also keeps us connected to those we admire. Taking this concept to the next level, Sarah has recently launched a Sunday Travels segment on her Instagram, where she cooks and shares brunch with an inspirational public figure each week in the comfort of their own home.


“I feel inspired when I am surrounded by my mentors or women who I admire and wanted to share this with everyone.”


Despite juggling countless projects, each morning is centred around her Linea Mini and coffee routine, which she finds solace in before starting a busy day. One favourite feature that Sarah relies on is the ability to schedule on and off times directly from the La Marzocco Home IOT app to suit her everchanging schedule. With many developments still in the pipeline for Sarah, such as a hot sauce range being released later this year, she continues to passionately explore the heart and soul of the food and beverage scene and creatively shares this across various platforms.

We look forward to sharing more wonderful content from Sarah with you throughout the year.

To learn more about Sarah and to purchase her book, visit her website here or follow her on Instagram.