Managing numerous projects across a wide range of industries, Shane Delia has one common focus, to connect with Australians through honest and authentic experiences. Director of Delia Group – responsible for such staple Melbourne restaurants as Maha and Middle Ground – Host of Network 9’s Postcards and founder of premium food delivery service, Providoor, Shane Delia has connected with the households of many Australians in some shape or form.


While food and beverage are central to Shane’s life, he is quick to admit that the significance of coffee holds a special place in his heart.


“Everyone embraces coffee in their own way. For me, its associating ritual with community. These values mean everything to me.”


Growing up in Melbourne, Shane’s first memories of coffee stretch back to his early childhood when he would observe his family gathering to exchanging stories and playing cards over a cup of coffee. While observing from afar, Shane remembers the significance of being offered a cup of coffee and a seat at the table by his Aunty. A hospitable gesture to many, Shane recalls this as a rite of passage to adulthood.


“There is no other food or beverage that can be translated universally as a token of hospitality”


Starting his chef’s apprenticeship at the age of 16 at the well renowned Melbourne Sofitel Hotel, Shane’s understanding of coffee as a technical artform was formed in the confines of the kitchen. Responsible for making a round of coffee for the kitchen before service (an unspoken tradition for all apprentices), Shane quickly learned to appreciate the art of brewing a perfect espresso to avoid the criticism from his colleagues and mentors.


Decades later, coffee still remains a significant staple in Shane’s life. Owner of a Linea Mini for over a year now, Shane continues to appreciate a quality coffee as fuel to combat his busy schedule and varying projects.


“I believe that your morning coffee sets the precedent for the day. It has to be something of quality.”


When the working week has wrapped up, Shane enjoys spending his time in the comfort of his own home amongst company of his family, close friends and eclectic music collection, which ranges from classical music to contemporary RnB. While mostly a place of rest and respite, Shane and his wife, Maha often indulge in hosting dinner parties for their close family and friends as a chance to connect over authentic food and of course, freshly brewed coffee.


Since installing a Linea Mini in his kitchen, Shane enjoys how his beloved machine has become the highlight of every lunch and dinner party as guests observe the theatre of brewing an espresso in awe. Besides being a favourite party trick, Shane and his family value their Linea Mini as a key feature of their house as it has cut down the need of frequent café visits and has brought the family together in the kitchen each morning to share meaningful moments over their first cup of coffee.


We look forward to working with Shane and sharing some very exciting with you. To learn more about Shane Delia, follow him on Instagram.