We are very pleased to introduce the Florentine Linea Mini, our latest limited release and colour of the year for 2021.

Inspired by our brand’s rich history and Florentine roots, our colour of the year for 2021 is a fern green, a bold colour commonly used during the Renaissance.

Handcrafted with detail and precision, the limited edition release features such features as walnut wood finishes, referencing the rolling olive fields in Tuscany and a golden logo, reminiscent of the Florentine lily

Rich in history and reliable on performance, the Florentine Linea Mini has seen its roots not only in the history of beautiful Florence where La Marzocco was founded, but also as a homage to the son and nephew of La Marzocco founders, and our  late honorary president, Piero Bambi.

Wishing to gift a machine for staff to use at our La Marzocco Headquarters in Italy, Piero was inspired to craft a custom KB90 machine in Florentine green and gold, after being inspired by a green wallpaper typically used in the renaissance period, which was decorated with golden lilies.

The design of the Linea Mini is based on the most iconic La Marzocco machine ever built, the Linea Classic. Loved by thousands of professional baristas, the Linea Classic truly helped launch the specialty coffee movement of the early 1990s. With the Florentine Linea Mini, we hope to help you create an espresso renaissance in the comfort of your own home.

Please note that the Florentine Linea Mini is a special release with strictly limited quantities available to purchase.

Click here to purchase the Florentine Linea Mini.