For many, coffee is associated with refuelling. A beverage to consume in the morning to quickly recharge our batteries before a busy day ahead. For Shane Delia, drinking coffee is linked with the opposite, an excuse to slow down and mentally prepare for the tasks lying ahead.



Between juggling roles as Director of Delia Group and Founder of Providoor, Shane begins each workday with a cup of coffee from his Linea Mini. Rather than hurrying it down while rushing to the office, Shane ensures he makes time for his espresso in the peaceful setting of his backyard, appreciating the beverage he has made for himself and mentally preparing for the day ahead.


‘When drinking coffee, I try to take the time to slow down and refocus.’


Starting off as an apprentice chef at Melbourne’s Sofitel Hotel, Shane shares that his coffee routine in the kitchen is quite different to his ritual today. From a time where he and his team would quickly drink the coffee made for them, while ensuring they were ready for service, Shane now enjoys the luxury of making a coffee to his liking on his own machine and enjoying what he has made in the company of his family.



When asked about a memorable moment he has shared over a cup of coffee, Shane was quick to think back to his time shooting his tv series, Shane Delia’s Spice Journey on SBS. While taking a break from filming in Istanbul, Shane took himself to the city’s Old European quarter for a coffee. Seated with his coffee, Shane marvelled at the beauty of the city while the sunset illuminated the alleyways around him. Taken aback by the city’s beauty, Shane couldn’t help but feel appreciative of Turkish coffee culture withstanding centuries of change and still enticing both locals and tourists to sit in the exact same spot and enjoy the traditional beverage.


Interested in how coffee culture differs between countries around the world, Shane is proud to be part of a unique – and world leading – coffee culture in Australia, where we have adopted techniques and styles from migrant influences to create premium quality beverages with passion.


‘We have used our migrant ancestors as a springboard to create something truly unique.’


In addition to using coffee as a time to recalibrate, Shane loves how the act of “meeting over a coffee” has developed an unspoken meaning to gather, engage and connect with loved ones or colleagues casually with no hidden pretence implied.


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