Things have been busy since we announced the Linea Mini back in March.

Featured on Eater, LA Times, Food Republic, Men‘s Journal, Geekwire, SlashGear, Daily Coffee News, and Acquire, and reviewed on sites like Sprudge, Home Barista, Barista Magazine, and Coffee Geek, the Linea Mini has been seemingly everywhere lately. It’s even been spoofed on Twitter as @theminilinea.

In April, we debuted the Linea Mini at the SCAA Event in Seattle at “The La Marzocco Home Experience.” For the first time thousands of coffee professionals and enthusiasts were able to see and use the new machine. We set up four workstations and invited over 40 roasters and professional baristas from around the world to make coffee, teach espresso, and allow attendees to use the Linea Mini. Professional baristas served espresso and milk drinks to high-volume crowds from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day for four straight days and the Linea Minis performed beautifully throughout, with no noticeable letdown in pressure or temperature. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.

The success of the event was only amplified when we received word that the Linea Mini was awarded both “Best New Product” and “People’s Choice” awards in the Consumer category by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Since then, we’ve seen a swell of pre-orders for the Linea Mini on our website. Those who were among the first to pre-order the machine were promised one of the first machines that were produced and were told to expect a May/June ship date.

Well, that date is here.

The first shipments of the Linea Mini have already left our warehouse and are making their way into the homes of folks across the country. We’ll be fulfilling all pre-orders as soon as possible, and are making our way down the list.

Today, we’re also excited to announce that the Linea Mini is in stock and no longer in pre-order phase. Itis now available to order on our website. The Linea Mini comes in four colors (black, white, red, stainless), runs on 110V and runs on its own water reservoir.

We’re excited to see the Linea Mini out in the wild, and can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories from those who are using them in their homes.

Order the Linea Mini now.