ground to perfection

The Mazzer Electric B coffee grinder was created by manufacturer Mazzer, who have over 70 years of experience designing premium coffee grinders for commercial environments from their hometown of Venice, Italy.

This smaller, more streamlined grinder brings this expertise into homes and workplaces, letting you experience the same optimal flavour extraction as found in the most highly regarded cafes around the world.

commercial-grade technology on your benchtop

Mazzer grinders are highly regarded for their grind consistency, durability, speed and streamlined design. They deliver a smooth grind for optimal extraction, letting you get the absolute best out of your coffee beans.

fully-adjustable for your ideal grind

Adjust the grind of your beans to get more from each shot. Experience freshly ground coffee from a slim-profile professional grinder that comes in  three distinct colour options.

speed and precision on demand

Mazzer grinders have a stepless grind adjustment that allows you to pinpoint the unique setting for each new coffee you try. Flat burrs grind 18 grams of coffee in 10 seconds, and on-demand dosing lets you set your grinder to match your daily coffee routine.