professional coffee excellence

The gs3 is a fully customisable professional-grade coffee machine for the home. Crafted to withstand use in the busiest cafes in the world, it delivers fully configurable settings for a sophisticated home coffee experience.

Choose from auto volumetric controls for precise coffee extraction, or a manual weighted paddle for experimentation at every stage of the process.


our most sophisticated home coffee machine

The gs3 gives home baristas unfaltering consistency, delivered by a professional-grade coffee machine that houses nearly a century of coffee innovation.

full control of flavour and texture

Temperature, pressure, steam and pour duration are highly customisable, letting you influence every step of the coffee process. Our signature twin boiler system is complemented by a commercial-grade pump and enhanced thermal stability, giving you confidence in the quality of every cup.

a professional companion for your coffee craft

Professional-grade parts supported by a precision-engineered system makes the gs3 the ideal home companion for perfecting your coffee craft. Powerful steam delivered via a cool-touch steam wand lets you create the finest grade of microfoam for mastering your latte art.

supported for life

The GS3 comes with support from our team of coffee experts, who provide servicing, in-person training and online tutorials that enable you to elevate your home coffee craft.

Choose Your Model



Pre-programmable extractions deliver consistent espresso extractions, every time.

The gs3 Auto Volumetric features commercial-grade electronic controls, making it fully programmable and configurable so that you can adjust your pour.


manual paddle

Explore different roasts by creating different styles and textures.

The gs3 Manual Paddle features manual control over the entire coffee process. Feel the weight of the paddle as you control pressure during every stage, and fine-tune.

Standard Features

kitchen counter ready

plumb or fill

Fill the 3.5-litre reservoir or hook directly to a water supply line.

plug and play

Runs on 220-240 volts, so it plugs into home outlets.