introducing the limited edition legacy linea mini


La Marzocco’s 2022 Special Edition Legacy Linea Mini pays homage to the 30th anniversary of the Linea Classic—
a machine loved by thousands of professional baristas and the heart of your favorite cafés.

Bring home a true symbol of the specialty coffee industry with this special edition machine,
treat yourself to that café experience you have always dreamed of.

    legacy linea mini

    The story of the Legacy Linea Mini is intertwined with La Marzocco history.

    Inspired by the very first drawing of the Linea Classic above,
    the Legacy Linea Mini’s red-stenciled lines and shape take simplistic cues from rationalist architecture.

    historical fact #1:

    initially named “Fire,” the Linea Classic was meant to have a dark red-orange frame.

    historical fact #2:

    early drawings called for decal lines that were able to be peeled-off. Later, it was decided these lines would be stenciled by hand.





    “…in regards to design, the most important facet is represented by primary lines, their simplicity, and the possibility to immediately identify them. Naturally, finishes are important, but the first glance is captured by the lines.”

    – Piero Bambi, founding member of La Marzocco.

    chrome & black finishes

    Chrome-capped steam & water knobs & black paddle, group cover, and portafilter handle adorn the front.

    colour highlights

    The cream body panels are a custom alternate to the original stainless-steel finish of the first Linea Classic. The vermillion red highlights on the cup rail, front panel, body panel, and lines resemble that of the original.

    back lines

    Hand-stenciled vermillion red lines to match the original drawings of the Linea Classic.

    2022 Limited edition Legacy Linea Mini

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    Dispatch for the Legacy Linea Mini is expected in November 2022.