La Marzocco Home X Acaia Connected Scale

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Enjoy ABR technology with your Linea Mini

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Created in collaboration with Acaia, the La Marzocco Home x Acaia Connected Scale is the epitome of precision and technological innovation for the barista at home and beyond.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Linea Mini, it offers a groundbreaking brew-by-weight feature, ensuring every espresso shot is brewed to perfection. With its predictive algorithm, the Connected Scale not only communicates with your espresso machine, but also predicts the exact moment to stop the brewing process, giving you unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Experience the freedom to multitask at home, knowing your espresso will be ready when you are.­­

Dual Dose Setting
Customise your preferred espresso doses by setting up to two doses, or brew using continuous flow mode–all through the La Marzocco Home app.

Predictive Drip Algorithm
No more guesswork. The scale’s advanced algorithm predicts the perfect moment to stop the brewing process, ensuring you hit your desired weight every single time.

Standard Acaia Lunar Features
Enjoy all the standard features that have made Acaia Lunar scales a favourite among home espresso and baristas in cafes. Precision, durability, and a sleek design at your fingertips.

Walk Away with Confidence
The scale’s precision allows you the freedom to step away and multitask. Whether you’re preparing breakfast or simply enjoying a moment of calm, rest assured your espresso will be brewed to perfection.

Exclusive to the Linea Mini
Designed to work flawlessly with the Linea Mini, this scale ensures that every espresso shot is a masterpiece.

Freedom to Multitask
Incredible accuracy and predictive capabilities, the Connected Scale allows you to balance your morning routine, knowing your espresso will be ready when you are.