Thanks to our great friends at Campos Coffee and Industry Beans, we are offering a complimentary 12 month coffee subscription with either roaster when you purchase a Linea Mini or Linea Mini Pride package this September.



What’s in the coffee subscription?

Valid from the date your purchase is made, each subscription is valid for 12 months and will include a 1kg bag of coffee, which will be delivered to your door every month by your chosen roaster.

When adding your purchase to cart, you will have the option to choose between a coffee subscription with Industry Beans or Campos Coffee.

Here’s what blend our roasters have chosen for each subscription.



Campos Coffee | Superior Blend

Superior is Campos’ signature and quintessential coffee blend. Served proudly by the roaster since day one, the blend combines high-quality specialty coffees from their coffee producing partners in Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia.

Campos pride themselves in their Superior Blend tasting consistent and delicious either black or with milk. As the brand continues to grow, the team continue to spend hours every day cupping and analysing it to ensure it tastes just right, every single time.

Tasting Notes: 

Bright flavours of red fruit & apricot with a caramelly and rich butterscotch finish.


About Industry Beans’ Fitzroy Street Blend 

Fitzroy Street is Industry Beans’ signature blend and the house espresso at Industry Beans Fitzroy in Melbourne, and Industry Beans York St. in Sydney. Comprised of equal parts from Colombia, Burundi and Honduras this blend presents as the most distinguished and unique of our five espresso blends

Fitzroy Street’s flavour profile is equally delicious both black or with milk and is perfect for anyone that is looking for a versatile blend fit for any purpose.

Tasting Notes: 

Bright citric acidity up front giving way to juicy dark fruits and milk chocolate on the finish.



Where does this offer apply?

This offer is exclusive to La Marzocco Home Australia for the month of September and will expire at 11:59pm on Thursday 30 September.

Unable to pay upfront? No problem, we accept ZipMoney with all of our purchases.


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