There’s no better addition to a weekend breakfast than a luxurious combination of banana on toast with coffee and maple peanut butter.

A favourite from the team at Coffee Supreme, this recipe brings together the team’s two great passions: coffee and Fix & Fogg peanut butter.

Making a regular appearance across all of Coffee Supreme’s Food and Beverage sites, this recipe brings a bold twist to the breakfast staple with minimal ingredients and prep required.




– One thickly sliced piece of your favourite bread, we recommend Dench’s brioche loaf.

– A jar of Fix & Fogg Coffee and Maple peanut butter

– Your favourite chocolate, grated or roughly chopped.

– One banana, sliced

– A handful of fresh raspberries

– A drizzle of maple syrup




1. Toast bread till golden brown

2. Spread peanut butter to your desired thickness (we’re not judging)

3. Top with banana slices and raspberries

4. Sprinkle with chocolate

5. Drizzle over maple syrup

6. Grab your coffee, sit down and enjoy!