Crafted by 2013 World Barista Champion, Pete Licata and Veneziano Coffee Roaster’s Head Barista, Lachlan Hall, the Blood Orange, Gin + Bitters Tonic is the perfect cocktail to enjoy your espresso with a twist.


A staple at Veneziano’s Richmond café and a Summer cult favourite, the Blood Orange, Gin + Bitters Tonic celebrates the appreciation for coffee as a beverage that should be enjoyed throughout the day. More than a pick-me-up, the cocktail is best enjoyed by the poolside or amongst good company on a warm, sunny afternoon.


Preparing the cocktail is super easy (we wouldn’t want to keep you from the fun for too long). All you will need is something to measure with, something to stir with and most importantly, something to drink from.

Ingredients –

125ml Veneziano Blood Orange Cold Brew (about half a can) chilled

30ml Poor Tom’s Dry Gin (or your favourite gin)

2 dashes of aromatic bitters

Red Grapefruit to garnish




Method –

1. Add Ice to rocks glass

2. Pour gin and bitters over ice and top with Blood Orange Cold Brew

3. Stir and enjoy with a squeeze of grapefruit.


To learn more about Veneziano Coffee Roasters, visit their website.