There’s no better way to add some zest and fizz to your daily espresso routine than creating a Coffee Spritz.

Made by the team at Market Lane Coffee, the drink was first introduced to their menu in 2014 after being inspired by a similar beverage being served at Koppi in Sweden and Saint Frank in San Francisco.

Described by a the team at Market Lane Coffee as a refreshing and zesty take to the standard iced espresso, the addition of tonic eater adds a new dimension to the espresso, providing a sweetness and lifting the espresso’s acidity, which is most commonly lost when espresso is cooled down.

Best enjoyed on any day and recommended alongside Market Lane Coffee’s Mushroom Burger (available at Prahran or Queen Victoria Markets on weekends), the espresso tonic is recommended for any coffee fanatic.


–  100g of tonic
– 100-150g of ice
– 2 shots of espresso (we recommend Market Lane Coffee’s Seasonal Blend)



– Fill your glass with ice
– Add tonic (this should take up around ⅔–¾ of the glass)
– Top with a double shot of espresso (pour slowly because the drink foams up quite a bit!)