Whether you’re on the look out for a new favourite beverage for the warmer months ahead or simply prefer your coffee iced, it’s hard to go past the Fitzroy Iced.

A favourite among the team at Industry Beans, the Fitzroy Iced is a refreshing take on the classic iced coffee using Industry Beans’ single origin cold brew cans. Selected one of our most premium single origins: Dari Kojuwa, Ethiopia, Industry Beans’ cold brew cans are brewed and filtered to perfect clarity, allowing you to bring a quality cafe taste home.




– Single Origin Still Cold Brew Can
– Sugar Syrup
– Milk of Choice
– Ice Cubes
– Scales




– Place 5 ice cubes in your glass and top with 90g of Single Origin Cold Brew.

– Drizzle with 20g of homemade sugar syrup (or change this up to your liking).

– Fill with 150g of your favourite milk

– Stir and enjoy!