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What should I do with my machine if I go away for a period of time? +

If the machine is not going to be used for long periods of time (2 days or more), it is advisable to follow these safety indications:

• Turn off and disconnect the machine from the electrical mains

• If plumbed in, disconnect the machine from the water mains or interrupt the water connection via a mains tap.

Failure to follow the above may result in a blockage in your machine which will require a technical callout, not covered under warranty. 

Any questions please email home.australia@lamarzocco.com or call 03 8413 4777

Conditions apply.

Where does La Marzocco Home ship? +

We ship all machinery Australia wide free of charge, the shipping is included in the purchase price.

All parts or accessories have a flat rate $15 shipping charge, Australia wide.

Free pick up is available from our Showrooms in Melbourne or Sydney. Please see our showroom link for address and contact details.

Any questions please email home.australia@lamarzocco.com or call 03 8413 4777

Conditions apply.


How does service work for my machine? +

Purchasing your machine directly through La Marzocco Home Australia means one-on-one phone support Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm AEST.  If we can’t solve your problem over the phone, we have a list of Preferred Service Providers that we trust to work on la Marzocco Espresso Machines that we will send out to fix your machine.  If you are in an area where there are no service providers, we will give you instructions on how to ship your machine to us for repair, or help you repair the machine yourself depending on your needs.

For all service enquiries please reach out to our technical team via email technical.au@lamarzocco.com or phone 03 8413 4777

Can La Marzocco Home customise my machine? +

If you want something specific for your machine, contact us for more information. 03 8413 4777 or home.australia@lamarzocco.com

How do I install my La Marzocco? +

Learn to install your La Marzocco espresso machine using the installation guides below.  Also please reach out to our  team via email – home.australia@lamarzocco.com or give us a call on 03 8413 4777 for any questions abut getting your machine up and running.

Installing the Gs3 – link to installation guide

Installing the Linea Mini – link to installation guide

How do I set my brew temperature? +


To set the temperature on the GS3, press and hold the continuous flow button (Fn) while pressing the double espresso (+) button


To set the temperature on the GS3, press and hold the continuous flow button (Fn) while pressing the (+) button

Linea Mini and Linea Micra

The brew temperature can now be set on the new La Marzocco Home App

How do I make espresso? +

Espresso is a coffee brewing method that uses pressure to force water through finely ground coffee.  The resulting beverage is an espresso.

What you’ll need:

Whole Bean coffee




La Marzocco Espresso Machine

Every coffee is different. That’s part of the joy of making espresso!  No matter how much you know, dialling in a new coffee and pulling a shot is a constant pursuit.  When you put a new coffee into your grinder hopper, it’s a good idea to have a target brew ratio in mind – that is, how much ground coffee you’ll put in the portafilter and how much liquid espresso you’ll brew into the cup.

Brew Ratios  balance three important variables: ground coffee (in), liquid espresso (out), and brew time.  A good starting place for a new coffee is a 1:2 ratio in 25-30 seconds at 93 degrees.  From there you can adjust as needed.

Check our this ‘how to make espresso’ post for more.  Also, feel free to drop us a line if you have any more questions – we love nerding out about espresso!

What should my espresso taste like? +

First and foremost, it should taste ‘good’.  But what does that mean?  Every coffee is different, but there are some common themes you can use when tasting espresso to help you identify what you like.

First try to identify what the body of your espresso is like.  Is it thick and syrupy?  Is it light and airy?  From there, when we taste espresso, we’re looking for balanced taste.  Rather than trying to identify specific tasting notes on the first go round, we try to identify the combination of bitterness, sweetness and acidity present in our espresso.

Check out this illustrated guide to tasting espresso to see if it helps.

How do I dial in a new coffee? +

Maybe you got a new grinder, changed your burrs or you just got a brand new bag of coffee that you’ve never tried.  Where do you start?  Instead of just winging it, we put together this quick guide to help you get dialled in for espresso in a timely and efficient manner.  Plus, we added a few tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years.  Whether you’re a seasoned home barista (and don’t need the help) or you’re just getting started this quick guide will walk you through the dialling in process.

How do I steam milk? +

Steaming milk is a combination of steam pressure, positioning of the steam wand, and knowing what to look, feel, and listen for.  With a high-powered steam boiler like on a La Marzocco machine, little changes to your milk steaming technique can make a huge difference.  Practice and attention to detail truly do make perfect.  Check out this quick tutorial to help out, in it we go through the basics of steaming milk, including positioning, timing, and what to look and listen for during the process.

What is the deal with water, and why does it matter? +

The water you put into your espresso machine is incredibly important, and goes far beyond brewing good coffee.  Putting good, clean water into your espresso machine will extend the life of your machine, and can help your machine continue to run well for years to come.

Please see this ‘blog post’ that serves as a simple introduction to the world of water – how it affects your coffee, why it matters for your machine, and what you should do about it.

In fact, most of the problems people experience with their machines stem from the fact that they are using water that is outside of the specification given by La Marzocco for proper operation.  You can purchase a water test kit through our website. View our water specifications and enter the results of your test into our water calculator.

What water should I use in my Machine? +

It is very important to use FILTERED water in your machine. Using filtered water will not only make the Coffee taste better but also prolong the life of your machine.

You can either fit a under the bench filtration system to your tap, so your water is filtered straight from the mains, or we recommend getting in touch with our team to discuss options based on your location.

What are the most important things I can do to ensure my machine keeps running normally? +

Some of the most important things you need to do to maintain your new espresso machine are regularly cleaning and yearly servicing.

A lot of the problems people experience with their machines stem from the fact they are using water that is outside of the specifications given by La Marzocco for optimum operation. Water test kits are supplied with all of our espresso machines so that you can make sure the water you are using is within the optimum specifications. View our Water Specifications and enter the results of your test in our Water Calculator.  Also be sure to red through this Water for Home Espresso Post.

Troubleshooting - Tips & Tricks +

Check out this great list of tips and tricks for common problems and how to trouble shoot these issues yourself to keep brewing happily no matter what the issue.

key troubleshooting document

How do I maintain my machine? +

Using proper water is paramount to keeping your machine running properly – be sure you’re using water within our specifications!

Beyond that, maintaining your La Marzocco espresso machine is simple.  We recommend a cleaning routine at least once a week.

Settling into a cleaning schedule can help keep your machine clean and will go a long way in keeping it running smoothly throughout its lifespan.  We like to backflush the machine with machine cleaning detergent and a blind portafilter, clean the portafilter, screen, and baskets all a the same time.  This will help keep your espresso tasting crisp and clean, and won’t get in the way of great tasting coffee.

Check out our handy ‘how to clean your espresso machine’ video to see how it is done.

What is an expansion valve, and how do I set it? +

The expansion valve on your espresso machine sets the peak pressure in your brew boiler.  Our machines are set to a peak pressure of 12 bar on the bench (this is not to be confused with brew pressure which is set on the pump itself).  However, in the process of preparing our machines for shipment, the expansion valve can be loosened.  Although we set them back via a witness mark, the end user will often need to make small adjustments to the valve.  If you notice that your expansion valve is set too high or low, please refer to the Operating Manual of your machine for instructions on how to adjust.

Adjusting the expansion valve on the GS3 (page 25)

Adjusting the expansion valve on the Linea Mini (page 11)

Please reach out to our technical team for any and all questions about adjusting your expansion valve, or and other technical questions that you may have – technical.au@lamarzocco.com or 03 8413 4777

What is my warranty and what does it cover? +

From the beginning, our mission at La Marzocco Home has been to “create an uncompromised espresso experience for the home barista through professional equipment and education.”

We stand behind the products we sell and want to make sure that your experience with La Marzocco is exceptional. If you ever have any problems with the items you purchase directly from us, we are here to help. If you purchased your espresso machine through another reseller we request that you contact them first in order to allow them to go through their normal procedure and to take care of their customers in the best way they know how.

Below is more information on the warranty included on machines purchased directly through au.lamarzo


Warranty length:

The La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine carries a 24-month parts  and labor warranty when purchased directly from La Marzocco Home.

The La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine carries a 24-month parts and labor warranty.


While we strive to make sure you are a satisfied customer, there are some situations that the warranty does not cover:

Normal-wear parts: these include gaskets, filters, o-rings, grinder burrs, plastic hoppers and other moving parts.

Problems relating to water damage, poor water quality and scaling: La Marzocco espresso machines come with a water test kit in order to make sure that you are using the correct water in your machine. Using water outside the La Marzocco specifications is the most common reason for machine and parts failure. Make sure you test your water and filter!

Products where the serial number has been damaged or removed

Operation of the machine outside the parameters stated in the user documentation

Any product that has been damaged as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning, neglect, installation, mishandling, damage during shipment, line power surges or any external causes

Modification or service by anyone other than La Marzocco Australia

Shipping costs to ship product back to La Marzocco Australia for a return, exchange or service.

Expedited shipping cost of parts to customer for self-repair.