Between playing multiple roles as a TV Host on Channel 10’s Farm to Fork, author of the recently released, ‘My Indian Kitchen’, restauranteur of Antares in Goa, and mother to her 10-year old son, Phoenix, it’s safe to say that Sarah Todd leads a busy lifestyle.


When talking about what a day in the life of Sarah Todd looks like, she was quick to reply that no day was the same, the only normality is her morning ritual centred around her cup of coffee as she prepares for the day.


‘We are creatures of habit and need to find routine one way or another’


Starting her mornings technology free, Sarah enjoys the simplicity of waking up to her Linea Mini switched on, heated and ready to immediately make her morning flat white before taking her morning cup of coffee in the garden for a quiet moment ahead of a day filled with school drop offs, tv shoots, business calls and planning.


‘Coffee has simply become part of my sacred morning routine.’


For Sarah and her busy schedule, the simplicity of controlling her Linea Mini remotely via the IOT app has allowed her to keep focus on what’s most important in her day.


From scheduling her machine’s on and off times dependant on her schedule, remotely switching on her machine, to even adjusting the brew temperature via the app, Sarah shares that the magic of owning a Linea Mini doesn’t stop in the kitchen.


‘I feel pretty spoiled that my Linea Mini can adjust to my schedule’.


At a time where we’re always rushed and thinking about what’s next, Sarah explains that a morning ritual, especially enjoying a coffee, should not be rushed. If anything can be done in the meantime to create space for these sacred moments, such as avoiding the frustration of having to wait for your machine to be heat up, your sacred moment with your coffee will be worthwhile and ultimately more enjoyable.


When having some extra time up her sleeve, Sarah enjoys treating herself to making coffee alternatives on her Linea Mini. A big fan of chai tea and chai lattes, Sarah shares that she creates an authentic chai blend at home by combining a mixture of star anise, green cardamon, black cardamon, cinnamon and cumin to her milk, which she then froths on her Linea Mini steam wand to make a smooth, rich and flavourful beverage to enjoy at any point in the day.


‘There’s no better treat than making a perfect chai at home.’


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