In celebration of true artisans and their crafts, La Marzocco has teamed up with Thomas Surfboards to give one lucky person the chance to win a custom 7’6” utility mid board, designed in collaboration with Thomas Surfboards and La Marzocco.

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For Thomas Bexon, choosing a career in surfboard shaping came out of a sense of passion and drive rather than necessity. Originally working as a chef in a local Maroochydore café, Thomas found himself often skipping work to spend the day hand shaping boards for friends and keen followers. When faced with the ultimatum of whether he would prefer to continue as a chef or establish himself as a full-time shaper, Thomas naturally chose the latter.

‘I never thought my hobby would turn into my career.’

It wasn’t long before Thomas established a following. Frequently watching surf films, he was inspired to create boards similar to ones the pros were riding and something that enthusiasts were unable to purchase locally. While his first boards may look and ride completely different to the ones he crafts today, Thomas proudly has these showcased on the walls of his glassing room as a reminder of his growth both as a craftsman and as a brand.

When shaping a world-class board, Thomas explains that usability and design are fundamental in crafting something unique. To achieve an aesthetically pleasing board, Thomas highlights that symmetry in curves and thickness is key. However, what separates a good board to a great board is usability. To Thomas, there’s no point in shaping a surfboard if it doesn’t ride well and isn’t enjoyed by its owner, that’s why a balance between design and function is so crucial.

What simply makes Thomas Surfboards so unique is their detailed approach to design and process of hand shaping, laminating and glazing each of their surfboards in house. A lengthy process that usually takes several days, Thomas has made his approach to detail and care as transparent as possible by allowing visitors to observe each step of the process when visiting his space in Noosa. At his workshop, you can normally find him heavily involved in the first step, which happens to be his personal favourite; shaping each board.

‘When shaping, it’s quite rewarding to start off with a blank and finish with the fundamentals of a pretty awesome board.’

The connection between Thomas and his approach to handcrafting surfboards is reminiscent to us of the late Piero Bambi of La Marzocco, son of founder Giuseppe Bambi. Piero led the development of the La Marzocco business with great passion for designing innovative and functional yet beautiful espresso machines by hand, a craft he truly lived for
every day.

‘You can learn the technique, but passion is cultivated through dedication, love, pride and respect in your work’ – Piero Bambi

To celebrate artisans who are recognised for their specialised handcraft, La Marzocco has proudly teamed up with Thomas Surfboards to create a custom designed board for one lucky winner. A personal favourite of Thomas, the 7’6”utility mid board has been created for the winner and can take them anywhere, from cruising along midlength waves to riding overhead waves.

‘[The mid board] is something I always travel with when I go overseas or anywhere.’

The custom board is perfect for those who may be starting out in surfing or experts that are always on the hunt for the perfect wave. Designed with a simplistic red and white design, this timeless and unique utility midboard is sure to take its winner on some awesome adventures.

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