The ‘Fanto’ Spritz

A creation mastered by our dear friend Carlo of the famed Fantinelli family, the Fanto Spritz is the perfect summertime thirst quencher. A touch of gin & rosemary, a splash of blood orange soda & a shot of full bodied espresso will transform your afternoon park drinks into a dreamy soiree in the Tuscan countryside. Ora dell’Aperitivo!!

What you will need for this beauty of a beverage:

• Blood Orange Soda
• 30ml Campari
• 30ml Gin
• 30ml chilled espresso
• 3-4 dashes angostura bitters
• ice
• rosemary to garnish

Add the Campari & Gin to the bottom of the glass, add the ice and stir to combine. Top up with blood orange soda & add the espresso on top. Garnish with rosemary to finish.

“Cento Di Questi Giorni”