To us, there is nothing more satisfying than walking into a new environment and finding our eyes land on an unexpected La Marzocco. This could be a cafe, restaurant, farmers market or a newfound friend’s home! The mouthwatering excitement that this equipment can encourage is remarkable. Especially considering that its main job is to consistently push temperature-stable hot water through a small, well-packed bed of coffee. And thanks to Italian designers, no matter where we find La Marzocco, it looks like it was always meant to be there. 

Let’s take a dive into the features of our most versatile machine, the Linea Mini. With the sleek Della Pietra curves that make the Linea line-up so iconic for us all, the Mini has slid into place as the heart of many compact espresso bars worldwide. Weighing only 66lb (30kg), the Linea Mini gives the freedom to brew espresso anywhere…

machine features

  • Dual Boilers and PID Temperature Control Hidden beneath its elegant exterior are dual boilers and precise PID temperature control, ensuring that each espresso shot is brewed to perfection. The Linea Mini “Re: Legacy” is a testament to La Marzocco’s commitment to espresso excellence.
  • Easy Pressure Adjustment Adjusting the pump pressure is a breeze with easy access, eliminating the need to remove any body panels. This feature empowers you to fine-tune your espresso extraction to your exact preferences.
  • Built-In Shot Timer A built-in shot timer simplifies your espresso-making process, allowing you to monitor each shot’s precision and consistency.
  • Soft Touch Components The Linea Mini features soft-touch components that enhance the tactile experience, making every interaction with the machine a delight.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wand With its standard cool-touch steam wand and PEEK polymer tip, this machine ensures safety and convenience while creating velvety steamed milk for your favorite coffee beverages.
  • La Marzocco Home App Integration Seamlessly connect to the La Marzocco Home App, unlocking a world of features and customization options. Control and monitor your Linea Mini from your smartphone for an enhanced coffee experience.
  • Rinse Mode for Efficient Cleaning Keep your Linea Mini in pristine condition with the rinse mode, allowing efficient cleaning with customizable hot water duration.
  • Pre-Infusion System An all-new two valve pre-infusion system offers soft saturation and a self-cleaning flow restrictor.
  • Brew-by-Weight Scale Compatibility The Linea Mini is compatible with La Marzocco branded brew-by-weight scales, enhancing your precision in coffee brewing.
  • Auto Back Flush and Standby Mode Enjoy the convenience of automatic backflushing and customizable standby modes, optimizing the maintenance and energy efficiency of your machine.
  • Barista Lights Illuminate your workspace with dedicated barista lights for precision and aesthetics, ensuring perfect shots every time.
  • Group Cap Adopted from Commercial Espresso Machines Experience professional-grade performance at home with the group cap adopted from La Marzocco’s commercial espresso machines.

la marzocco home app features  

  • Pre-brew. A timed no pressure saturation with a two-solenoid system and self-cleaning flow restrictor help with mitigating uneven brewing. 
  • Steam power adjustment. Three levels of steam strength to choose from let us work up to fast steaming.  
  • Drink counter. Keep track of how many espressos have been brewed.  
  • Auto backflush. Quick and easy cleaning button. 
  • Auto on & off. Have the machine turn off at night and then turn it on to be ready again in the morning. 
  • Standby mode. Automatically, the machine turns off after a preset amount of time not in use. 

additional add ons  

  • Timed Pre-infusion. Timed line pressure pre-infusion is available when the Linea Mini is plumbed-in to a filtered water source and connected to the La Marzocco Home app. Plumb-in kit sold separately.  
  • The La Marzocco Brew-By-Weight Scale. The Linea Mini can connect to the La Marzocco Brew-by-weight scale for better multitasking capabilities. At home it can be used while cooking breakfast or in a more commercial setting it can be used to give more time when preparing other aspects of drink orders. Scale is sold separately. 

beautiful espresso, anywhere

While all of these features are amazing, interacting with a La Marzocco is not just about the technical aspects. The attention to detail in every component, from the feeling of holding the portafilter to the temperature stability of the group head—offers an unmatched experience, wherever you go.

Brew espresso out of your electric vehicle at a beach hangout. Steam a latte for your partner in a mountain cabin. Serve coffee cocktails at a tailgate. No cafe around? The Linea Mini was created by La Marzocco to be the perfect companion for espresso at home and beyond.