Created by Joshua Small, Brand Manager at Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, “Negroni in the Wilde” is a modern interpretation of a classic cocktail using Seven Miles’ beloved Wilde Blend.

Best served at brunch, before dinner or after a surf in Joshua’s case, the Negroni in the Wilde is a timeless and laid-back beverage that can be enjoyed all year round.

When preparing the cocktail, a Boston tin is recommended to mix, stir and strain. However, for those new to the cocktail game, this can be replaced with a glass and sieve.


25ml Gin of your choice (Joshua highly recommends Manly Spirits Citrus Gin)
25ml Campari
25ml Vodka (Joshua recommends Grey Goose)
One espresso shot of Seven Miles’ Wilde Blend
One large ice cube
Nectarine / Orange as a garnish


Pour a single shot of espresso and leave to cool in a glass tumbler.
Mix your spirits in a Boston tin & stir over ice until the container is cold.
Strain into the tumbler.
Add a large ice cube & garnish with a nectarine or orange (depending on the season).