la marzocco mini pride – mazzer electric b grinder

la marzocco mini pride - mazzer electric b grinder

$8,399.00 inc GST


Unleash the Marzocco lion in your kitchen and get a whole pride of equipment with the La Marzocco Linea Mini, Mazzer Mini Electric B grinder and La Marzocco Home accessory kit that includes the below:

Brewista Scales

Dose Cup

Espresso Cups x 6

Knock Box

Tamp Matt

600 ml milk jug

La Marzocco home branded cloth

Grinds brush

Group head cleaning brush

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Mazzer Mini Electric B grinder tutorials

Dialing in – click here for the video

Using a dose cup – click here for the video

How to set doses – click here for the video

How to make a coffee – click here for the video

Allpress have been roasting specialty espresso for a long time, over thirty years. From humble beginnings as a little coffee cart in Auckland, New Zealand, they’ve evolved into a bold and passionate global brand, recognised and available throughout the world.

Espresso Blend:
Allpress Espresso Blend

Sweet and complex with a long smooth finish.  Brazil brings body, sweetness and a long, smooth aftertaste. Colombia and Guatemala provide juicy apple acidity, caramel and milk chocolate tones. The wet-hulled Sumatra brings great body,  spice and earthy notes, dark fruit and sweetness.

Tasting notes:
Sweet, balanced and complex with notes of caramel, toffee and milk chocolate.

Dose: 18g
Yield:  40g
Time:  25-30 sec

Padre Coffee’s mission is to inspire, encourage and support people through their specialty coffee journey. With bases in Melbourne and Noosa, the team at Padre are focused on creating premium tasting coffees that are approachable and user-friendly, so however you’re brewing Padre Coffee will be easy and delicious.

Espresso Blend:
Daddy’s Girl Espresso Blend

Washed process – Typica and caturra varietals from the Nasa Wesx community of Gaitania at 1700-1900 masl.

Natural & pulped natural process – Mundo Novo and Acaia varietals from Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida (O’Coffee Estate) based in Alta Mogiana, Brazil.

Natural anaerobic process – Rubi varietal from Fazenda Bela Vista based in Minas Gerais, Brazil grown at 1080-1150masl.

Tasting notes:
Milk chocolate, honey, hazelnut and caramel

Dose: 21g
Yield: 38g
Time: 27 – 32 sec