linea mini – mazzer electric b package

complimentary 12 month coffee subscription

$9,899.00 inc GST


Unleash the Marzocco lion in your kitchen and get a whole pride of equipment with the La Marzocco Linea Mini, Mazzer Mini Electric B grinder and La Marzocco Home accessory kit that includes the below:

Brewista Scales

Dose Cup

Knock Box

Tamp Matt

600 ml milk jug

La Marzocco home branded cloth

Grinds brush

Group head cleaning brush

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Mazzer Mini Electric B grinder tutorials

Dialing in – click here for the video

Using a dose cup – click here for the video

How to set doses – click here for the video

How to make a coffee – click here for the video

About Industry Beans 

 Industry Beans have been sourcing, roasting and brewing specialty coffee for over a decade. With seven venues across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Industry Beans is Australia’s largest independent specialty coffee roaster. From the baristas in our cafes to the coffee specialists on our phones, the passionate team at Industry Beans have been making it easier for people to brew quality coffee, wherever they might be.

 Fitzroy Street Blend

Fitzroy Street is our OG Blend, first developed and roasted on Fitzroy Street, just up the road from our Fitzroy roastery today. Fitzroy Street is equally delicious black and with milk, with its bright acidity, dark fruit notes and smooth finish making it a versatile blend fit for any purpose.

 Fitzroy Street Origin Info

Fitzroy Street brings together three single origins from Honduras, Colombia and Burundi. Each year, the roasting team updates each component with a fresh crop, sometimes from the same origin and sometimes new, to maintain a consistent flavour profile with fresh coffee, all year round.

Fitzroy Street Recipe

  1. Dosage: 18g
  2. Yield: 40g
  3. Time: 28 – 32 sec


A good extraction of our Fitzroy Street Blend will result in a juicy, yet rich espresso. Too acidic or savoury? Use a finer grind setting and increase your shot time. Or dry and bitter or lacking acidity? Coarsen your grind and decrease your shot time.