Created by a team of chefs and baristas at Single O, the Espresso Butter Banana bread has become a cult favourite at their Surry Hills cafe.

The idea came about when the team was brainstorming ways to add more coffee into their food menu. The thought of taking warm banana bread and smothering it with espresso flavoured butter was too good to pass up on and share around.

Thanks to the team at Single O, this delicious spin on a wholesome classic can now be on high rotation in your kitchen. You can thank the team at Single O later.


Mamma Ka’z banana bread (or your favourite homemade recipe)

Pepe Saya butter (225g)

– Icing sugar (25g)

Reservoir Espresso (25g)



– It really helps if you have some banana bread. (Kudos if you can make it yourself!) However, if you’re time poor, we recommend hitting up Mama Ka’z for some of hers.


To make espresso butter:

– You need 225 g salted Pepe Saya butter at room temperature.

– Whip it in a bowl for 10 mins (use a food processor to save your arm) until butter is pale.

– Add in 25g icing sugar mixture and combine it.

– Add one shot (25g) of chilled Reservoir espresso and combine again.

– Pop into a piping bag or just dollop straight on top of your banana bread.

– Furiously lick any remains from the bowl.

– In the unlikely attempt there is any left, it will keep well in the fridge for 2 weeks or 3 months in the freezer (Good luck for resisting that long).

*Please note we do not accept any liability for you becoming addicted to this recipe*