In celebration of true artisans and their crafts, La Marzocco has teamed up with Thomas Surfboards to give one lucky person the chance to win a custom 7’6” utility mid board, designed in collaboration with Thomas Surfboards and La Marzocco.
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Thomas Bexon is no stranger to the international surf community. Recognised as a local legend at Noosa’s surrounding beaches, the relaxed and softly spoken Thomas is also the man behind Thomas Surfboards, a brand that is recognised for its handcrafted artistry and he has shaped surfboards for some of the sport’s greatest.

Located in Noosaville, Thomas Surfboards is a hub for likeminded creatives. Featuring an art gallery, merch store, barbershop, coffee bar and board shaping workshop (just to name a few facilities), the shared workspace has become one that reflects Thomas’ personal passions and values.

Highly respected by the surfing community as a craftsman of some of Australia’s best surfboards, Thomas’ journey evolved naturally from passion and self-taught practice. Growing up in the rural town of Blackbutt until the age of 12, Thomas was inadvertently exposed to the art of surfing through regular family visits to the Gold Coast.

Despite growing up a fair distance from the surf, Thomas immediately felt a stronger connection with the open water when his family moved to the Sunshine Coast at the age of 13. With regular access to surf and surrounding himself with a passionate community, Thomas began to take the sport seriously. 



‘What I love about surfing is that you can get in the water and forget about what’s going on back on shore.’


Starting off on what he describes as a terrible 7’ Pipedream shortboard, Thomas braved the surf and quickly learned the importance of riding a board of quality and craft before advancing to a second hand 9’ longboard. It wasn’t long after that Thomas began to experiment in his mum’s garage by hacking away at blank boards and beginning to shape boards for his personal use. Through trial, error and curiosity, Thomas’ passion for surfboard crafting was born.

‘There’s no structure to surfing. You simply go out and ride the waves until you’re feeling tired or ready to go back.’


Having surfed and travelled all over the world, nothing compares to Australian surf culture for Thomas. With a warm climate almost all year round, clear water and consistent, good surf at his local beach in Noosa, there’s little keeping him from the water each morning and forming friendships unique to the surf.


‘You paddle out in the morning and say g’day to people you see two or three times a week
and you don’t see them anywhere else but the beach or in the water.’


Now settled in Noosa with his own family, Thomas is dedicated to a life which surrounds his craft. With the brand’s team continuously growing, Thomas has seen himself adopt the role of mentor for many of his colleagues. When asked what advice he commonly gives to those exploring their passions and personal craft, the answer was persistence. With patience and determination, Thomas assures that you will fall into the swing of your craft and learn along the way.


Inspired by those who also explore their craft with authenticity, we naturally asked Thomas what craftsman he admires. Without hesitation, he mentioned his wife. A mother, wife and secondary language teacher, Thomas shared admiration in her ability to still find spare time to pursue her interest in designing and crafting leather shoes.


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