We are excited to welcome Gabriel as our Roaster in Residence for the month of May.

Each month, La Marzocco Home helps coffee lovers explore Australian specialty coffee roasters, and discover new flavours to enjoy alongside their La Marzocco Home Machine purchase. 

About Gabriel Coffee

Gabriel Coffee is all about achieving perfection with every sip. Established by visionary and industry leader Sam Gabrielian in 2006, this coffee powerhouse in Sydney has become known for its top-notch quality, consistency, and innovative approach in the city’s bustling coffee scene.

Since its beginning, Gabriel Coffee has been driven by a strong commitment to excellence. With a sharp focus on the smallest details and a solid dedication to their craft, Sam Gabrielian has created a coffee experience that goes above and beyond. At Gabriel Coffee, each cup of coffee tells a tale of passion, precision, and unmatched flavour. From selecting the best beans to the careful roasting process, the roastery is where all the magic happens. They prioritise consistent quality in all aspects of their coffees, methods, and connections which is what has earned them success in Sydney and beyond.

“At Gabriel we believe coffee should be a completely rewarding and satisfying experience. We’re not into compromise, or resting on our laurels. We love the coffees we roast, and we know it takes effort to keep producing great beans everyday. That’s why we taste them, evaluate them, question them, and taste them again. Everyday.

Throughout the month of May, we are excited to share the incredible taste of Gabriel Coffee with you. Whether it be in our Melbourne or Sydney showroom over a demonstration, alongside your Linea Mini or Linea Micra purchase, or even at our exciting upcoming event (more details from us soon!).

what’s on offer?

When purchasing either Linea Mini or Linea Micra this month, you can enjoy the taste of Gabriel Coffee at no extra cost!*

Alongside your Linea Micra purchase, you will enjoy a complimentary 1kg bag of Gabriel Coffee’s Day Maker Espresso Blend with your delivery. 

When purchasing a Linea Mini during May, you can rest assured that your coffee order is sorted for the next year with a complimentary inclusion of a 12-month Day Maker Espresso Blend  Subscription delivered to your door.