We recently sat down with Teresa Cutter, founder of The Healthy Chef, to learn about her brand and listen to her story of how she became passionate about coffee and a trusted customer of La Marzocco.

The Healthy Chef is an Australian nutrition + supplement brand that designs wellness solutions to support women in having a healthy life. Products are all made in Australia with high-quality ingredients to deliver the maximum health impact.

Teresa love’s for coffee can be traced back to her watching her great-Polish uncle (wujek) make his breakfast at 5 am every morning before heading off to work. At the age of 3-4 years old, she vividly remembers the sight, sound and smell of him tearing up pieces of Rye bread into bowls and pouring over freshly brewed coffee and hot milk for their breakfast. He sweetened it with a little honey, and it was delicious.

Coffee has always been a part of their family DNA and she has enjoyed it for most of her life. “It brings pleasure, it brings health, and it ignites conversation and friendship”, she says.

When she started The Healthy Chef café in Avalon Beach, Teresa was in need of a consistent, reliable workhorse to make the best coffee in the area. For these very reasons, Teresa chose a commercial La Marzocco espresso machine for the café and before too long, the business became a favourite amongst locals, and the café was going through over 127kg coffee per week.

She has a Linea Mini at work, perfect for catering to her staff and guests who pop into the studio. For her home, she has chosen the Linea Micra so her and her husband can enjoy freshly made, quality espresso every day before heading off to work.

Starting her day with a double ristretto long black before she heads out the door for her morning walk, Teresa shares that her love for ristretto over espresso is due to the fact that a ristretto is a restricted version of an espresso and brings out the best part of a coffee with slightly more body and slightly less bitterness.

After her walk, She normally has a protein shake and adds a shot of espresso and some healthy chef collagen to her shaker bottle. It packs a healthy dose of protein – around 30g plus 25% of her vitamins and minerals in one shake.

To learn more about The Healthy Chef and their incredible products, visit their website of follow them on Instagram.

Q&A with The Healthy Chef

So why do you enjoy using La Marzocco espresso machines?
It’s easy to use and gives me great coffee every time. The machine is always on and ready to go. I prefer making my coffee and enjoying it at home.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy coffee?
For me it’s a double ristretto long black, followed by a macchiato or piccolo.

What’s a breakfast recipe you love?
Something delicious and warming, when the weather gets a little colder is my Porridge Bread from my latest cookbook, Simple Healthy Recipes. It’s pretty much rolled oats and bananas blended and baked into the most delicious high fibre bread. I love to cut it up, pile into a bowl and pour over freshly made espresso and hot milk. The bread soaks up the milk, which makes for the ultimate eating enjoyment.

So do you ever add coffee to your recipes?
All the time. I love adding it to my smoothies as well as desserts and cakes. In my new cookbook, Simple Healthy recipes, I’ve added espresso in my gluten free banana, coffee and walnut bread and espresso balls, made with almonds, dates and chocolate. I’ve also added coffee to my gluten free tiramisu and it tastes spectacular.