We are excited to welcome Axil as our Roaster in Residence for the month of July.

Each month, La Marzocco Home helps coffee lovers explore Australian specialty coffee roasters, and discover new flavours to enjoy alongside their La Marzocco Home Machine purchase. 

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife duo Zoe Delaney and David Makin in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Axil Coffee roasts some of Melbourne’s best coffee sourced from the best producers around the world. Their mission is to provide an unparalleled coffee experience, whether at home, in an Axil cafe or on the world barista champion stage, one cup at a time.

The roots of Axil trace back to David and Zoe’s first cafe on Burwood Road, Hawthorn, which also housed their roastery. This location became the heart of their operations, where the magic of sourcing, roasting, and producing the finest coffee began.

David Makin’s impressive credentials played a significant role in shaping Axil’s journey. A five-time Victorian Barista Champion, two-time Australian Barista Champion, and runner-up in the 2008 World Barista Championship, David brought unparalleled expertise and high standards to the Axil team and roastery operations. His dedication and skill have been instrumental in establishing Axil Coffee’s commitment to excellence.

From its humble beginnings, Axil Coffee has expanded to 16 locations across Melbourne and supports hundreds of wholesale accounts globally. Supported by a passionate team that travels the globe to discover the best specialty coffee available, Axil Coffee has become a hub for exceptional baristas, proudly holding multiple Australian and World Barista Championship accolades.

what’s on offer?

When purchasing either Linea Mini or Linea Micra this month, you can enjoy the taste of Axil Coffee at no extra cost!

Alongside your Linea Micra purchase, you will enjoy a complimentary 1kg bag of Axil Coffee’s Seasonal blend with your delivery. 

When purchasing a Linea Mini during July, you can rest assured that your coffee order is sorted for the next year with a complimentary inclusion of a 12-month Seasonal Blend Subscription delivered to your door.  

Additionally, in celebration of bringing the cafe home, we are offering a complimentary home barista e-learning course with every Linea Mini and Linea Micra package. Access over 5 hours of virtual barista training from our education hub @accademiadelcaffeespresso, exploring the fundamentals of coffee preparation to advanced parameters and techniques.